ISO Unicorn Lover

ISO Unicorn Lover preview with Danyol Leon

ISO Unicorn Lover is a 15 miunte performance piece I developed throughout my five month AIRspace residency at The Garage (February – June 2011). The piece had its public introduction at a preview on March 25 and 26 (featuring Danyol Leon) with its final performance as part of the 2011 National Queer Arts Festival on June 12 and 13 (featuring Andrew Harbour).

ISO Unicorn Lover articulates my love of unicorns, kittens, glitter, and all things in the realm of 6 – 12 year old girls. It focuses on my desire to foster a platonic friendship with a young lady with the same interests in the form of a Craigslist ad and then explores the feelings produced by having the ad removed due to what appears to be deceptive and exploitative content

Thank you to Mark McBeth for supplying video documentation, to Derek Schmidt for supplying music, and to Joe Landini, Kirk Read, and Jaime Cortez for amazing artistic insight.