Building Patterns

Building Patterns is a collaboration between Queer Cultural Center, THEOFFCENTER, and Kevin Seaman designed to aggregate information on and foster collaboration amongst queer artists in the Bay Area.

Although queer artists are an important part of the Bay Area cultural sector, there has been little to no assessment of who constitutes our community, or efforts to create a consolidated artist directory to facilitate collaboration, cooperation, and mutual support.

The Building Patterns survey aims to address these issues, and we ask that you spend approximately 10 minutes of your time telling us about yourself and your needs. Listing in the artist directory is completely optional, and not a requirement to complete the survey.

The survey will remain open until April 2012; at that time we will analyze data collected and present back a high level report as well as an online searchable database of queer artists in the Bay Area.

Visit THEOFFCENTER to take the survey now.

If you have any specific questions please Ernesto Sopprani at