While I do not currently have 501(c)3 nonprofit status or a fiscal sponsor (and therefore donations are not tax deductible), you are still able to donate to the creation of innovative, multidisciplinary performance and video art.

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Thank you to all the friends, colleagues, and family who helped me meet and exceed my recent fundraising goal! It was a successful campaign and I would not have been able to do it without you!

THANK YOU  and gigantic kisses to:

  • Ron Rowell
  • Tessa Rouverol-Callejo
  • Veronica Triplett
  • Vanitha Venugopal
  • Kary Schulman
  • Steve and Linda Minnick
  • Ty and Joanne York
  • Myra Chow
  • Renee Hayes
  • Allison Minnick
  • Kristin Hoffmann
  • Tanya Clark Marston
  • Jenn Dorn
  • Kimberly MacLean
  • Kathy Valenzuela
  • Navin Moul
  • San San Wong
  • Heidi Sarmiento
  • Esperanza Canes
  • Harvey Rabbit
  • Edward “Moose” Maravilla
  • Aaron Nunley