Still from Nerves of Steel Magnolias (2016)

Influenced by San Francisco’s rich drag culture and history of queer provocation, Kevin Seaman creates community-engaged interdisciplinary performance and digital media exploring contemporary queer experiences at the intersection of gender and sexuality.

Artist Statement

I create maximalist performances, videos and photos that obscure and expose gender identity as it relates to my experience as a queer white genderfluid man. My practice explores feminine masculinity, the hyper-polarized gender binary, and the physical and imagined layerswe don to protect ourselves. I am interested in presenting this work in non-traditional art spaces that transgress the perception of fine arts, and create connectivity between industry and community.

Although his interdisciplinary practice is constantly evolving, Kevin’s current work focuses on:


Investigating gender’s relationship to gay male sexuality, and toxic masculinity’s dissonant role in American culture, #femmasculine is an interdisciplinary theatrical performance and digital media suite currently in development at Brava Theatre. This project has been supported by the San Francisco Arts Commission Individual Artist Commission in the Theatre, the Theatre Bay CA$H Grant program and the Atlantic Center for the Arts.


LOL McFiercen

LOL McFiercen queers girlish femininity in a frenzy of rainbows, unicorns, sparkles, kittens and hearts. Her politically-charged and expansive numbers have been seen locally at nightlife venues like The Edge, The Stud, Oasis and El Rio as well as cultural sites like the Contemporary Jewish Museum and SOMArts Cultural Center. She participated in the 2015 Austin International Drag Festival and has appeared nationally in Los Angeles, New York City and Portland. LOL’s advocacy efforts have been featured in the SF Weekly and on Buzzfeed and She is a core artist on “Work MORE 7: Daughters of a RIOT!,” and holds the titles of 2012 Miss SOME THING Has Talent and 2013 San Francisco Corn Dog Queen.

Awards, Honors and Residencies

  • San Francisco Arts Commission · Individual Artist Commission (2014, 2016, 2018)
  • Theatre Bay Area · CA$H Grant (2017)
  • Americans for the Arts · Emerging Leader Award (2017)
  • Association of Performing Arts Presenters Leadership Fellow (2015-2017)
  • San Francisco Weekly · 16 Artists to Watch in 2016 (2016)
  • Atlantic Center for the Arts · Residency #162 with Dana Hoey (2016)
  • Center for Cultural Innovation · Next Gen Arts Grant (2015)
  • San Francisco Arts Commission · Individual Artist Commission in Theater (2014)
  • Endeavor Foundation of the Arts · Artistic Grant (2012)
  • SAFEhouse for the Arts · AIRspace Resident Artist (2011)