With 15 years experience working with Bay Area artists, nonprofits and philanthropic institutions, I provide a culturally competent and multi-perspective approach to fundraising, project planning and organizational development.

I offer a spectrum of consulting for individual artists and arts organizations rooted my background in grantmaking, nonprofit administration and artistic self-production. While my disparate skill set allows me to adapt to your individualized needs in varying areas, my expertise lies in:

  • Strategizing and Writing Grants
  • Grantmaking: Processing, Evaluating, and Disseminating
  • Individual Artist Development & Support
  • Program Evaluation and Metrics
  • Event Design and Implementation

These skills can be applied to 1:1 coaching/consulting, group workshops, or ongoing training to bolster in-house expertise. For more information or to request a list of clients, please email me at with a brief synopsis of your needs.

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