photo by Dana Hoey

#femmasculine is an interdisciplinary performance investigating gender’s relationship to gay male sexuality, and the oppression that stems from an obsession with hyper-masculinity. Bridging gay/queer and Gen X/Millennial gaps, Kevin investigates the hegemony of hookup apps, drag’s complicity in both subverting and proliferating toxic masculinity, and the fatigue of negotiating fluid gender identity. Through the trials and tribulations of one hypersensitive queer millennial, #femmasculine exposes the absurdity of gay male gender performance. Directed by Beatrice Thomas and written by John Caldon & Kevin Seaman, #femmasculine is an extravagant hybrid of theatre, dance, drag and media that takes a wrecking ball to gender norms, leaving no binary intact.

#femmasculine is currently in development at Brava Theatre in San Francisco. The project was part of the 2017 National Queer Arts Festival and has received funding from the San Francisco Arts Commission and the Theatre Bay Area CASH | Theatre grant program.

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